We love a challenge.

Already with the foundation of the company in 1992 by the senior Jürgen Heid, the company had to face great challenges. In particular, the refurbishment and revitalization of the Straßburg-Passage in Görlitz required our full commitment. The task was to redesign this shopping arcade, one of the last remaining Art Nouveau arcades in Germany, from the perspective of historic preservation, technical progress and economic efficiency, and to attract necessary anchor tenants as well as local tenants. To this day, we enjoy the trust of the owners in our successful center management with regard to this flagship of the Görlitz retail trade. Numerous other commercial and residential properties came into our care, including many founder, art nouveau and old town houses; quite a few of these are buildings that characterize the cityscape (see reference properties). Our success was made possible by the fact that we enjoy our work, are not afraid of challenges, have a highly motivated team at our side and combine creativity with what is economically necessary. This also accounts for the establishment of our own janitorial and renovation service, which also carries out renovation as well as refurbishment work. According to our experience, this is the most suitable way to meet our own demand for qualitative, sustainable and thus economical maintenance of the properties entrusted to us. Without qualified, reliable and committed employees, success can be just as difficult to achieve as without a modern company management which is also prepared to take on new challenges time and time again. In this spirit, we, Tobias and Thomas Heid, are already successfully running the company in the second generation. With a team of meanwhile 20 people we are curious about the challenges you want to confront us with. We are looking forward to it! Your team from Heid + Partner


For us, managing real estate also means developing.

In our company we combine all aspects as well as industries and specialist knowledge, which make it possible to take up your property, to assess it and to further develop it taking into account the realistic circumstances. Together with you, we get the best out of your property.


Come and visit us.

Visit us in our office in the Straßburg-Passage and get professional advice from our staff.